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“While only at the house (Bridge at Miracle Mile) for two weeks (the duration of the SRI program), you made me feel as though I had been an old friend…I had never been to treatment before, and I was more than anxious when I arrived…Once I had arrived, he (Dave Casey) was always reassuring me and offering an ear anytime I may have felt as if I needed one. He truly trained his staff to treat the guests as though they were the only ones staying at the house…I can say with no reservation that the house made the difference in my treatment…I will never forget my experience!” (G.W., Bridge resident & SRI client)

“My six-month stay at Bridge at Miracle Mile was an essential component of my ability to achieve sustained recovery after years of failed attempts. The staff and my peers at Bridge became my extended family, and the relationships endure to this day. The support and structure provided at Bridge allowed me to focus on recovery, kept me grounded, and provided the necessary encouragement to flourish in early sobriety.” (B. T., Bridge resident)

“In May of 2009 I had the privilege of spending two weeks at Bridge at Miracle Mile in Los Angeles while attending…the Sexual Recovery Institute. The physical layout and amenities of the house were fantastic. The staff and residents of the home were incredibly friendly and supportive. The overall feeling is like staying at an old friend’s house. The late afternoon and evenings spent on the calming back patio were therapeutic! Living (at Bridge at Miracle Mile) was truly a mind opening and transforming experience for me...Although living at Bridge is not required for participation at SRI, Istrongly recommend it.” (M. S., Bridge resident & SRI client)

“The 24/7 staff is amazing – always asking how they can support us, and they certainly helped to support me in finding the meetings I’d like to attend around town, (they) referred me to my therapist, and to an outpatient program that are both indispensable parts of my recovery. (The Bridge at Miracle Mile staff) introduced me to a great sober network of people, encouraged me to be of service to get out of my head, included a gym membership…and really just taught me how to start enjoying my life as a sober person. My house-mates are like family to me now, and I love them all.” (J. J., Bridge resident)

“I can’t thank you and your team enough for all the care and support you all offer to (my son). Thank you for all of your time spent ‘cooling my bones’…(We) realize how much (my son) needs to be in the secure environment that you offer.” (J. S., parent of Bridge resident)
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